Josh Sargent Rise to Unknown

Josh Sargent: From Rising Star to Injury and Beyond

Introduction: Josh Sargent’s Rise to the Unknown

It has come to SCPPNews’ attention that Josh Sargent rise to unknown journey as a soccer player due to injuries. Josh is an American professional soccer player. He plays as a forward or winger for EFL Championship club Norwich City and the United States national team.

Early Career: Youngest U.S. Player to Score at FIFA U-20 World Cup

In May 2017, at the age of 17, Sargent became the youngest U.S. player to score at the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Injury Setback: Ankle Injury During World Cup Match Against Iran

Recently, Sargent suffered an ankle injury during a match against Iran at the World Cup. He jumped over an opposing player and his right foot landed awkwardly on the ball. It forced him out of the game in the 77th minute. Norwich City head coach Dean Smith stated that Josh Sargent felt devastated after missing out on the USA’s World Cup knockout stages due to injury. He started two of USMNT’s group games and came on in the third. But an ankle injury, sustained towards the end of their crucial Group B climax victory over Iran. Which made the 22-year-old out of their last-16 clash with the Netherlands.

Josh Sargent Rise to Unknown or Recovery: Physical Therapy and Support from Coaches and Teammates

Several journalists, coaches and doctors have spoken about Josh Sargent rise to unknown in the news. For example, Matt Provencher, an Athlete Injury and Performance Analyst for Fox Sports, provided an analysis of Sargent’s injury. He said that Sargent is dealing with some ankle soreness. — from video analysis — That looked initially to be a locked type of knee injury. But really now looks like most of the force of the injury went into the right ankle joint, in particular, the back or posterior part of the joint. This is likely a capsular, as well as a partial lateral to posterior ligament strain of the ankle. To prepare for the knockout round match, Josh Sargent will undergo extensive physical therapy, edema control, icing, and stretching, as well as ankle muscle work.

Future Prospects Even Rise to Unknown: Speculations and Offers from Premier League Clubs

Josh Sargent will be sidelined due to an ankle injury from a goal-less draw with Wigan Athletic. Norwich City manager David Wagner confirmed that Sargent won’t play in their next two English Football League Championship home matches.

The Werder Bremen turned down numerous offers for Josh Sargent. Including one from newly promoted Premier League club Norwich City before he eventually joined them. There are also speculations that Leeds United might target him for the 2022-23 season.

Conclusion: Bright Future Despite Injury Setback

In conclusion, Josh Sargent has had a successful career so far and has shown great potential as a soccer player. Despite his recent injury setback, he has received support from his coaches and teammates and is expected to make a full recovery. His future in soccer looks bright and it will be interesting to see where his career takes him next.