MLS Secondary Transfer Window 2023: What You Need to Know

The MLS Secondary Transfer Window 2023 is officially open from Wednesday, July 5 to Wednesday, August 2. During this window, MLS clubs may request the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) of a player under contract in another country. While deals may be agreed upon outside the window, the transfer and receipt of an ITC are required in order to officially add a player to a roster, thus making him eligible for official competitions.

MLS transfer open windows 2023

An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is a document that is required for any international transfer of a professional soccer player between two clubs that are affiliated with different national associations. The ITC is issued by the national association that the player is leaving and is sent to the national association that the player is joining. The purpose of the ITC is to ensure that all international transfers are conducted properly and in accordance with FIFA regulations.

There is no specific limit to the number of players that an MLS team can sign during the Secondary Transfer Window. However, each team must comply with the MLS roster rules and regulations, which include a maximum roster size of 30 players and restrictions on the number of international players, Designated Players, and other roster designations. So, the number of players a team can sign during the window will depend on their current roster composition and available roster slots.

If a player is interested in joining an MLS club during the MLS Secondary Transfer Window 2023, they can contact the club directly through their official website or social media channels. They can also reach out to the club’s front office or technical staff to express their interest and provide information about their playing experience and abilities. It may also be helpful for the player to have an agent or representative to help facilitate communication with the club.

The MLS 2023 regular season is scheduled to start on Saturday, February 25 and end on October 21. After the regular season ends, the playoffs will begin.