Navigating the Path to Professional and College Soccer: A Guide to Tryouts and Requirements

Soccer Tryout all levels 2023

As soccer continues to grow in popularity in the United States tryouts and requirements are a must. More and more players are looking to take their skills to the next level by trying out for professional and college teams. With several tryouts available for Major League Soccer (MLS), United Soccer League (USL), and college soccer teams, aspiring players have a range of options to showcase their talents.

Sources for information on tryouts include the official websites of the respective leagues and teams, as well as their social media accounts. Websites like and also provide valuable information on tryouts and player development.

Tryouts and requirements vary depending on the league and team. For USL internships, for example, players must be current students at an accredited College or University and must certify that they are able to receive college credit for their participation in the program. They must also possess strong academic credentials and communications skills. For Real Salt Lake’s U-17 team tryouts, players must pre-register by submitting a completed registration form, a completed Release and Liability form, and a copy of the player’s birth certificate.

The differences between tryouts for MLS, USL, and college soccer teams can vary in terms of their interests and procedures. MLS teams may be looking for players with professional experience or potential, while USL and college teams may be more focused on developing young talent. The procedures for tryouts can also vary depending on the team and league. Some teams may require pre-registration and submission of certain documents, while others may have open tryouts.

For college soccer tryouts and requirements can vary depending on the school and program. Some schools may require players to be current students at the college or university and to have strong academic credentials. Players may also need to demonstrate their athletic ability and skills through various tests and drills during the tryout process.

In conclusion, aspiring soccer players have a range of options when it comes to trying out for professional and college teams. By researching the requirements and procedures for different leagues and teams, players can increase their chances of success in achieving their dreams of playing at a higher level.