Lionel Messi has reportedly agreed to join Major League Soccer club Inter Miami.

Lionel Messi ,a 35-year-old superstar has been deciding on his next club after opting out of his Pris Saint German contract two years into his stay in the French capital. Messi’s signed a four year contract, with the option of a further year. The $50 million deal per year, plus bonuses made interested people raise questions. Messi tweets his final decision to play for Miami, and his joining to Inter Miami could be July or August.

Lionel Messi decided to play for Inter Miami

Joining the Saudi league would have been seen as a move for money, rather than for sporting reasons. Messi can play few years with Miami and also would raise few question due to his age and performance. Refusing Saudi Arabia offer is a wise deal for Messi. There is no reason to speak about Saudi or US market as Messi get older and his playing retainment is sooner not later. We don’t argue his performance with Miami and we took Simo Idrissi’s advice when he says “Lionel Messi can perform in MLS, and his experience can help him succeed. The other thing is that Messi can make the world Cup 2026 shine” So, what we understand that, Miami Knew already the limitation of the contract but Messi name and experience can add to soccer investment.
Playing with PSG for one season made it clear that the competition in Europe became tough for Messi’s performance and coming to USA is the best choice for him and his family.

We can concluded that, soccer in America can attract players, but mostly for sure any great talent will choose Europe first then leave few year of his career for MLS.