Rapids 2 vs. Earthquakes II: A Tactical Analysis of Simo Idrissi’s Influence in the MLS NEXT Pro

I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing the MLS NEXT Pro League Rapids 2 vs. Earthquakes II. All the games I watched were interesting, and I was impressed by the multi-talented players. However, I believe that the tactical dialogue could benefit from more precision and the introduction of new methods. For example, there are various ways to arrange patterns to solve situations on the field. In any game, the requirements are to recognize transitions, the difference between reactive defensive and high-pressure (proactive), and the direct and indirect play differences. The good players against you must be overwatched and never take them in vain, but always make their areas numbers up. Additionally, building an attack from the back depends on specific methods, not just imitating the style of teams like Barcelona or Brazil. Each game is unique.

Rapids 2 vs Earthquakes II game analysis. SCPPNews. Simo Idrissi.

In the game between Rapids 2 vs. Earthquakes II, I noticed that their tactical trends were similar – they would pass the ball to the right of the field and then change the point of attack using short passes (indirect play). However, using the short-passes when changing the point of attack could disrupt the rhythm and the timing. In contrast, England utilized long and high passes to change the point of attack in the eighties and nineties. However, the method was weakened and overlooked due to the Italian defensive styles in the late eighties and early nineties. Germany used to overcome it in every World Cup or Europea cup. The Spanish style came to prominence through Barcelona and the Spanish national team’s short collective passes.

Rapids 2 vs Earthquakes II game analysis. SCPPNews. Simo Idrissi.

If a team wants to use short passes effectively, there are certain factors that players must master. These factors are determined by the coach’s plan and strategy. From what I’ve seen, the indirect play does not offer much room for player development as they often rely on simple methods that do not derive from a purely American philosophy. For example, other sports in America rely on strength, speed individual skills, agility, and speed of movement. Soccer games in America needs its distinct style due to the diverse backgrounds of the players. Each player has a family that would prefer their original country’s soccer philosophy but if all soccer unites in one American method and philosophy then everybody will understand his/her rule.

Rapids 2 vs Earthquakes II game analysis. SCPPNews. Simo Idrissi.

One idea for developing a unique style for American soccer could be to incorporate elements from other popular American sports. Incorporating strategies from American other sports can be unique. By the way, the Spanish indirect play was inspired by the handball especially the way how they switch the point of attack. By embracing local philosophy and developing our unique approach to the game, I believe that soccer in America will continue to evolve and grow in popularity.

Thanks, Coach Simo Idrissi, I appreciate your insight and I agree that soccer in America needs to unite soccer and create a philosophy.

Before closing up this analysis discussion I want to share with you the latest information about the MLS NEXT Pro.

Here is a summary of some recent games played in the MLS NEXT Pro League:

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2023, Tacoma Defiance lost 0-2 to St. Louis City II. On Friday, June 9th, 2023, Inter Miami II won 3-1 against FC Cincinnati II. On Saturday, June 10th, 2023, Philadelphia Union II won 1-0 against Atlanta United II, Austin II won 1-0 against Vancouver Whitecaps II, and Real Monarchs tied 3-3 with LA Galaxy II.

In the Eastern Conference, Crown Legacy is currently in first place with 27 points. In the Western Conference, Colorado Rapids II is currently in first place with 29 points.