Simo Idrissi Brings Expert Soccer Analysis to SCPPNews


Simo Idrissi A Soccer Game Expert is becoming popular in soccer coaching in the United States of America. He is originally from Morocco and lives in Colorado. He has more than 20 years of experience playing and coaching soccer.

Idrissi played soccer when he was young and developed among the club categories until he reached the pro senior team. He played for his town club and other teams in Morocco and joined amateur and semi-pro teams in the United States. After he stopped playing, Idrissi started coaching in 2005. He got many licenses, certificates and was able to work at diverse levels, including professional soccer clubs.


Idrissi has a strong educational background that enhances his knowledge in health and sports, particularly soccer. He holds an associate’s degree in computer information science from Everest University and a master’s degree in health and sports sciences from the American Military University. In addition, he has achieved an A license from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and an Advanced diploma from the United Soccer Coaches (USC). He also holds an award diploma from the England Coaching Education Curriculum (theFA).

Simo’s Research Articles on Enhancing Soccer Performance

You can find his scientific researches on the ResearchGate.

Simo Idrissi first time coaching in the United States in 2005

Simo Idrissi a Soccer Game Expert and Coaching Style

Simo Idrissi a soccer game expert is a diligent person. He helps young players grow and leads senior teams to achieve their goals. People respect him as a leader who can help teams reach their potential. He is skilled at analyzing soccer games and providing insightful feedback. After extensive research by SCPPNews staff, including watching analytical videos, attending training sessions, and conducting interviews, SCPPNews has recognized Simo Idrissi a soccer games analyzer 5 6. His technical opinions will be relied upon for matters concerning sports and soccer. SCPPNews believes that Simo Idrissi’s experience makes him a valuable addition to their team.

When asked about his coaching style, Idrissi said, “There is no one way, and there is no one personality. The partnership consideration of each person on the team is what makes us work together. We share ideas, feel responsible for achieving our goal, and focus on team performance rather than individuality. Trust and honesty are the themes of every season, but gaining respect enhanced through positivity and admiration. We don’t just coach tactics; we teach them trends and patterns. Once players understand what to do in a team organization, they become the game controllers and coaches become analysts and mentors. Coaches also function as sports psychologists, collecting data, helping players develop physically and mentally. We do many things to prepare our teams to play an organized game with professional performance.”

Soccer Game Expert and Volunteer Work

SCPPNews is grateful for the volunteer work of Simo Idrissi. His knowledge and skills have been a valuable asset to their platform. Simo has a history of volunteering with various sports organizations and other causes, driven by his desire to help others. He has generously donated his time to coach young athletes in Denver and has also volunteered to assist college soccer teams. His contributions have undoubtedly made a positive impact on the lives of those he has helped. 

Soccer Game Expert Game Analyses

Our platform will be featuring more game analysis from Coach Simo Idrissi. His expertise is highly regarded and his analysis of the game is considered reliable on that continent. In addition to his soccer experience in America, he also has experience in North Africa, Europe, and Asia. We asked him to explain the real meaning of soccer game analysis, and he said that analysis is the second step after reading the game. An experienced person can determine the regularity of the performance and simplify the attributes that can enhance teamwork. Both individuals and the team should have a role in the performance. The coach doesn’t only look for talent, but also for physical and mental superiority. Some players may be talented but lack something physically or mentally. When you read and analyze the game, it means you have collected data and compared it.

Simo Idrissi is a head coach and an expert Soccer Snalysis, A former player and a head coach with more than 20 years of experience. This image combine between his time when he was a player and current time when he coach with a college.

Coach Idrissi explained that game analysis is different from selecting players in tryout games. The coach starts with a roster, looks at players’ resumes, and researches fresh players. There are two directions for game analysis: video analysis and live reading and analyzing the game. In video analysis, the coach and their staff can sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the game, taking note of what is strong or weak. In live reading and analyzing the game, the coach sits and watches their players perform and determines where changes should happen to take control of the game result. The coach’s experience helps them see hidden things in each game.

Thoughts on Soccer in the United States

When we asked him about soccer in the United States, Simo Idrissi a soccer game expert said: “Yes, I appreciate this question because it gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to the USSF and USC for their long-term coaching education, as well as to all of my mentors while I was pursuing my Master’s degree in sports science.

Definitely, my focus is on US soccer and consider myself to be one of the United States Soccer Coaches. Soccer in the United States has been improving rapidly, especially over the past 10 years. While there are challenges, there are also solutions. Coaches and players are constantly learning through the efforts of USSF and USC. Especially the growth of coaching education in cooperation with CONCACAF and FIFA helps regulate this field the same way as other countries. By the way, I often go with my friends to watch baseball, basketball, and American football games. I am happy to be part of such a great sports community.”


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