Exclusive: Simo Idrissi’s First Interview as a Soccer Player in 2005


Simo Idrissi is not an average soccer player. He can play soccer games as a professional player. I would recommend him for MLS. This statement was from a press representative who attended the game with us to watch Simo Play. Idrissi is a high-quality and experienced soccer player who played in Morocco.
He is an immigrant from Morocco who moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. He has a passion for the game and a vision for how it can help enhance American soccer society.
The Soccer Coaches and Players Portfolio & News (SCPPNews) discovered Simo while researching online. We found an archived news article from Coloradoans Newspapers. The news platform mentioned his name and skills. His story intrigued us and we wanted to know more about him.
We contacted Simo and arranged to meet him at one of his games. He was kind enough to agree to an interview with us after the match. Simo’s performance and his personality impressed us. In this interview, we found that Simo’s origin is of Moroccan descent. He was a professional player and achieved awards.
In this exclusive interview, we present Simo Idrissi to you, our dear reader. He is a person who shares our values and goals at SCPPN. We believe in opportunities for all, support diversity, and encourage integration. We are also talented soccer players who want to be effective in the sport we love.

Soccer player Simo Idrissi’s Journey to America

In this news article, we reveal the needed information of Soccer player Simo Idrissi archive. He came to America to play football and study. Since we had an interview with him (check the link), we will only talk about what he brought to Colorado as a soccer player.

Simo Idrissi is a soccer player

Expectations and Reality

After this game, We asked him about his expectations before coming to Morocco. He replied, “I expected American football would be the first sport in the United States. But when I joined the Denver team and played in several tournaments and leagues, I saw the number of players and my expectations changed.”

The Difference Between Amateur and Professional Leagues

When asked if the amateur league or tournament itself was semi-professional or professional, he answered, “The difference between the three levels is only the amount of money. The team I play with has sixteen professional players, semi-professionals, and even from the first-division university championship. America shows you the wonder of democracy and self-confidence because people love sports but do not covet the money that comes from football.”

Soccer player Simo Idrissi Future Plans

When asked if he would become a coach after playing retirement, he said, “I liked the philosophy of the United States Soccer Federation and it is important to register for certificates. I am now helping a club in Fort Collins and coaching D-I team or what they call the gold level team. I also train another team in the same club and help them with anything I can.”


Thank you, Simo, for an interesting conversation. We wish you a great season.

This article will be updated as we find more information about Simo Idrissi.