U.S. Soccer Launches CPD Continuous Professional Development and License Renewal Programs for Coaches

Chicago, IL – U.S. Soccer Launches CPD, they announced the launch of a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program and a License Renewal Program for Pro, A, B, and C license coaches. The CPD program is designed to provide regular opportunities for coaches to collaborate, learn, and develop, while the License Renewal Program requires coaches to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during a three-year period to maintain their license status.

U.S. Soccer Launches C Continuous Professional Development and License Renewal Programs for Coaches

“Developing the competencies of a coach in different tasks is crucial to provide players meaningful learning experiences,” said Didier Chambaron, U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Education. “As a Federation, we want to elevate standards and evolve the quality of the game. Knowledgeable coaches are at the center of achieving that.”

U.S. Soccer Launches CPD and the program will include virtual, blended, and in-person education opportunities on a variety of topics, with new learning opportunities being released each year starting in 2023. The goal is to create an entire ecosystem of CPD opportunities through research and innovation that will develop knowledge and competencies to benefit coaches, educators, educator developers, players, club leaders, parents, and the entire soccer community.

In addition to the CPD program, U.S. Soccer will also introduce a license renewal program for coaches. Coaches who earn or have earned a U.S. Soccer coaching license will be required to earn CEUs during a three-year period to maintain their status. The number of CEUs required varies depending on the license level.

The renewal cycle for licenses issued prior to April 30, 2023 will begin on May 1, 2023 and conclude on May 31, 2026. If a coach does not complete the necessary CEUs to renew their license by the end of the cycle, their license will be marked as expired.

Coaches can find their CEU balance by navigating to their profile on the Learning Center website and selecting “CEU Balance”. If a coach earns a higher-level U.S. Soccer license than the license currently held within the 3-year renewal period, a new active 3-year period will be applied to the newly achieved license.

For more information about these programs and how coaches can begin to track and verify their status in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center , visit ussoccer.com.

: https://learning.ussoccer.com/ : https://www.ussoccer.com/